Tornado in Outaouais area

Thanks to the generosity of the population and precious partners, Red Cross volunteers and teams were able to provide emergency assistance to families affected by the tornado that occured in Outaouais in the Fall 2018.

Response highlights, as of September 2019

  • For details on the Red Cross response in Outaouais, see our reports : three months after and six months after the tornadoes
  • 1,050 residents helped in the three days following the disaster 
  • 527 people received financial support to help them recover
  • 2 emergency shelters and 1 emergency centre operated with the City of Gatineau
  • 1 recovery office still in operation
  • 2,432 first aid items distributed, including cleaning kits, personal care kits, blankets and teddy bears
  • 223 volunteers deployed
  • 2,258 people registered with the Red Cross
  • 5.8M in donations ($3M from the Government of Quebec)


Overview of direct financial assistance offered


This financial assistance was available to homeowners and tenants:

  • who have registered with the Red Cross;
  • whose principal residence has been destroyed or rendered uninhabitable as a result of major damage and is located in a disaster area, according to a list provided by the authorities; and
  • who need financial assistance as a result of being unable to return to their home.
 Those who are not insured might have been be eligible for:
  • direct financial assistance: $600 for households of 1 to 3 people and $800 for households of 4 or more people.
  • assistance for the replacement of furniture and household items, the amount of which will be determined depending on the size of each household.
Those who are not insured or insured might have been eligible for: 
  • assistance of up to $200 per month for tenants to reduce the gap between the cost of lost or temporarily uninhabitable rent and the cost of new housing.
  • assistance of up to $150 per month to pay utility costs to reduce the gap between old and new bills.
  • exceptional humanitarian assistance of up to $1,000 to address specific or ad hoc needs that, if unmet, could affect the recovery of beneficiaries.
Those who are insured may be eligible for: 
  • assistance for costs related to the home insurance deductible: $500 for tenants and $1,500 for homeowners. 

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