2020-2021 Manitoba and Nunavut Report Back to the Community
2019-2020 Manitoba and Nunavut Report Back to the Community

21 Days of Hope 21 Days of Caring Finding Hope Through Caring 10 steps / Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit Framework with Elders Consultation Safety plan Meme Decks
The adult and youth meme decks include thought-provoking images and inspiring messages that have been provided as a resource for school guidance counsellors, youth workers and youth. They have become a valuable tool to promote mental wellness, resiliency and messages of hope.
During learning sessions, youth had the opportunity to create their own memes with messages of hope. These individual memes have been gathered to create a physical deck, similar to a deck of playing cards. The youth memes have been shared widely to celebrate the voices of youth and inspire their peers.

Adult Meme Deck  Youth Meme Deck  Youth Wellness Colouring Book Created by Youth in Nunavut