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Red Cross Canada | March 03, 2021

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Red Cross Violence Prevention programming in Nunavut (May 28, 2020)
In December 2019, Violence Prevention trainers travelled to Coral Harbour to facilitate workshops​ for school staff. The two-day workshops included bullying awareness​, and building healthy relationships.
Winter survival tips from Nunavut (Dec. 21, 2019)
Having a hard time with the short days and long nights? Here's some advice on how to fend off the darkness from some of the knowledge keepers of Coral Harbour, Nunavut, and other folks who live and work up north.
Inuit teens talk about how they deal with hard times (Nov. 16, 2019)
We asked participants at the Nipivut Youth Conference in Pond Inlet about how they cope when times are tough. Here's what they told us.
Empowering future leaders in Nunavut (Oct. 24, 2019)
We brought together 280 high school students from across Nunavut to learn about healthy relationships, using social media for good, suicide prevention and more. The inspiring event was held in Pond Inlet, in partnership with the Government of Nunavut.
What Red Cross means in Inuktitut (Sept. 30, 2019)
We work closely with more than 200 Indigenous​ communities. Today and every day, we show our support.
Working together to build healthy relationships in Nunavut (Jan. 10, 2019)
In Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, educators and students share the importance of building healthy relationships, traditional knowledge, and taking care of each other in their community. The Government of Nunavut and the Canadian Red Cross co-hosted the Power for the Positive conference, which featured workshops on how to intervene when bullying happens, dealing with substance use and addictions, and how youth can find support during difficult times.
Nunavut youth talk about coping in difficult times (Jan. 30, 2019)
We asked youth in Nunavut how they cope with stress; listen to what they had to say.
Building strong resilient communities in Nunavut (July 17, 2019)
Kathleen tells us about how her work with Canadian Red Cross programming is helping build a stronger, healthier community in Nunavut.
Teaching the art of throat singing to help youth in Nunavut (June 21, 2019)
Throat singing is an important part of Olivia Chislett's identity and culture. See how she's transmitting her passion for throat singing to young people in Nunavut.
The inspiring resilience of Nunavut communities (April 5, 2018)
Red Cross CEO, Conrad Sauvé, met with community leaders and Red Cross volunteers in Iqaluit, Nunavut. An inspiring visit highlighting the importance of Red Cross' model of community collaboration in building capacity for future emergency responses.
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