CPR Month

November is CPR Month: Empower Yourself to Save Lives

Two people practicing CPR on a manikin during their first aid classes.When Seconds Count: Your CPR Life-Saving
Skills Matter

In the blink of an eye, life can throw us into a heart-stopping crisis. Imagine a loved one suddenly collapsing and going unresponsive.  Would you know what to do? Surprisingly, fewer than half of Canadians feel adequately equipped to help in this common and life-threatening emergency.

As we recognize November as CPR Month, the Canadian Red Cross sends out an urgent call to action: It's time for everyone to step up and acquire the skills that could prepare you to be a real-life superhero.  Effective bystander CPR, when used in conjunction with an AED and administered immediately following cardiac arrest, can double a person’s chance of survival.

Heart Health Matters: A Pressing Concern for Canadians

  • About 1 in 12 (or 2.6 million) Canadian adults age 20+ live with diagnosed heart disease. 
  • An estimated 40,000 cardiac arrests occur outside of a hospital setting in Canada each year and 80 and 85 per cent of these cases happen in the home.
  • Canadians who have taken a first aid course are considerably more confident in their skills to be able to help someone experiencing a medical emergency.

Confidence Through Preparedness: The Power of First Aid & CPR Training

Canadians who've undergone a first aid course exhibit significantly higher confidence in their ability to respond to medical emergencies. The simple truth is that preparedness can make all the difference when the clock is ticking.

Red Cross CPR courses also include training on the use of automated external defibrillators (AEDs): how to assess a person in cardiac arrest, determine whether defibrillation (a shock to the heart to restore normal beating) should be performed, and use an AED unit to deliver a shock if required. The Red Cross is the only national training organization to include AED training as a mandatory component in all our programs.

The time for hesitation is over. Be the hero your loved ones need, and your community deserves. During this CPR Month, explore the opportunities to learn CPR and AED skills, and be prepared to be that somebody who can truly save a life.

CPR Month Resources to Get You Started:

This November, let's come together, unite our efforts, and be the heroes our communities desperately need. Take the initiative to learn CPR and AED skills - you'll be ready to step up when it matters most. This isn't just a month; it's a lifetime commitment to saving lives.