2022-2023 Emergency Management Overview

How We Help

The Canadian Red Cross remains steadfast in its role to support people in Alberta who are affected by emergencies and disasters, whether personal like a house fire or large-scale like wildfires and floods. 

In Alberta in 2022-23, the Red Cross assisted 1,338 people who experienced a disaster and responded to 297 personal disasters, such as house fires. The Red Cross continues to work collaboratively with partners province-wide and build new relationships with groups and communities to best support Albertans when needed. 

Red Cross is committed to supporting Alberta communities increase their resiliency, so they are better able to respond to disasters and manage the devastating impacts. For example, in June 2022, the Disaster Risk Reduction team launched a new campaign in Exshaw, Deadman’s Flats, and Fort McMurray. Volunteers went door to door, providing information on flood and wildfire risks and suggesting simple low-cost actions to reduce those risks and increase emergency preparedness. Additionally, disaster preparedness workshops were available to Albertans.

Red Cross worked with communities on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) initiatives to help families be more self-sufficient after a disaster or emergency. In Alberta, 115 people participated in DRR workshops to be ready for an unexpected event.

Alberta Major Disaster Responses
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