Prevention and Safety Courses for Indigenous Communities

The Indigenous Swim Program was one of many that had to adapt to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. In-person training meant Red Cross personnel could not hold traditional swimming, water safety, babysitting or Stay Safe courses in communities. That, combined with technology limitations in some regions, led to creative solutions for delivering information and equipment to communities.

“Our numbers are significantly lower in 2020-21, as compared to other years, but we were still able to reach folks in the early days of the pandemic, which is a good thing,” explains Lesley-Anne Morley, Manager of Injury Prevention. “The team worked tirelessly to modify, update and create new resources.”
Early in the pandemic, some youth in Indigenous communities in Alberta were able to take Stay Safe, Babysitting, and Youth Leadership courses. When restrictions did not allow for in-person or in-community lessons and training, online options were offered, if appropriate. Red Cross was also able to connect with communities remotely and build new relationships that will result in additional courses and trainings in more communities in the future.
Total Number of Participants in Alberta: 51
Total Number of Program Participants: 101
Swimming and Water Safety Courses
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