Creating Safe Environments: The Help Desk for Indigenous Leadership

About Us 

The Help Desk for Indigenous Leadership is a predominantly Indigenous team which offers support for Indigenous communities, territories, and nations. We work with leadership, responding to the needs they identify while building on community strengths and resources. The Help Desk works in four areas (below) and co-collaborate alongside Indigenous leadership, communities, and organizations to create services, training, support grant applications and submissions, and workshops that promote well-being and risk-reduction through community ownership. All virtual services are free of cost, if you require in-person support, there may be a fee associated.

Health Promotion 

The Health Promotion team is comprised of public health advisors who work with communities to meet their health goals by:
  • Promoting health and well-being and disease prevention strategies.
  • Developing technical support and resources.
  • Identifying recommendations for public health measures. 

Disaster Risk Management 

The Disaster Risk Management team supports Indigenous communities as they navigate disaster risk reduction, emergency planning, preparedness, response, and recovery by:
  • Planning for emergency preparedness and recovery.
  • Facilitating community events that promote preparedness, including exercising plans.
  • Sharing and developing resources that support personal and community preparedness and resilience. 

Community Wellness and Promotion 

The Community Wellness and Protection team walks alongside communities to promote health and wellness in ways that honour Indigenous community resilience, knowledge, and wisdom:
  • Providing community learning and training events that promote wellness and healing.
  • Supporting psychosocial well-being for communities and their members.
  • Providing resources tailored to specific groups. 

Injury Prevention 

The Injury Prevention team supports community understanding and actions that enhance injury prevention strategies and education. The team offers technical and virtual guidance and in-person support to:
  • Supports community-identified skill development and awareness goals for preventing home fires, falls, and drowning.
  • Offers guidance on First Aid and developing age-appropriate skills to increase/reinforce youth and others' safety and protection.
  • Partner with communities to deliver in-person non-certification and certification courses for children, youth, and adults.
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