Health Promotion

At the community's request, the health team can offer to listen and understand community health strengths and challenges, learn what is being done to promote health and share any CRC health services that would enable the community to enhance their wellness.

Work with communities on tools and learning events for health planning, promotion and preparedness. 

  • Prevention strategies related to emergency response.
  • Pandemic planning and recovery.
  • Infection prevention and control.
  • Vaccination confidence and uptake.
  • Support health management planning before, during and after emergency response.

Collaborate on evidenced-based strategies for infectious and non-infectious disease management 

  • Working alongside communities on the development of health promotion and prevention strategies.
  • Support case and contact management planning for infectious diseases.
  • Co-creation of school-based health awareness presentations.
  • Support for substance use and harm reduction.
  • Collaborative response to health issues, including but not limited to tuberculosis, COVID-19, heart and lung diseases, seasonal respiratory infections, diabetes, early childhood development, maternal care, mental well-being, and sexually transmitted infections.

Share our Indigenous Engagement Strategies 

  • Engaging Indigenous leadership and support as requested.
  • National community outreach to Indigenous communities.
  • The Canadian Red Cross Creating Safe Environments framework for community partnerships.

Work Alongside Community to Ensure Culturally Safe Health Support Services

  • Indigenous health advocacy.
  • Culturally safe document preparation.
  • Cultural safety and awareness for Health Care workers.
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