Sri Lanka

We have completed the recovery and development programing in Sri Lanka but as with any other country in the world; CRC monitors for disasters and is available to respond to help if required.

Flag of Sri Lanka  

The end of more than 25 years of civil war in 2009 created an atmosphere of cooperation, and a historic opportunity to address communities’ needs in the spirit of national reconciliation. Despite these changes, many people displaced by the conflict have not yet been able to return home. These families need help to re-establish their lives, sometimes in new communities. 

The Canadian Red Cross in Sri Lanka

The Canadian Red Cross works with the Sri Lanka Red Cross and other partners from the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement to support displaced families as they return to their communities. Returnees require intensive support in areas such as livelihoods, shelter, access to healthcare, and in obtaining essential supplies to rebuild their lives.

Read Tsunami 10 year donor reportSince the devastating 2004 tsunami, the Canadian Red Cross has funded more than $63 million in programming to provide immediate emergency relief, and help communities recover, rebuild and prepare for future disasters. A partnership with the Canadian Cooperative Association has supported housing reconstruction projects for communities affected by the tsunami.

Working with Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Education, the Canadian Red Cross has also supported violence and abuse prevention programs in schools. The programs for primary and secondary schools aim to reduce sexual and physical abuse, and family violence by involving parents, teachers, students and school administrators in creating environments where children and youth are safe from violence. To date, these programs have educated more than 100,000 children, 212,000 adults and nearly 5,000 primary school teachers across Sri Lanka. Red Cross-trained teachers are now present in almost 20 per cent of Sri Lanka’s government-managed schools.

Child protection as part of programming in Sri Lanka​

Volunteers gather around toilets they constructed on temple grounds

Volunteers gather around toilets they constructed on temple grounds