Major Donations

Canadian Red Cross Major Donations

Canadian Red Cross Major Donations

For over 100 years the Canadian Red Cross has been there providing help and hope for people in need.

Disaster....International Aid....Protecting the Most Vulnerable in Canada and around the world.

When you make a significant donation, you join our Major Donations Program.  We have a team committed to assisting you fulfill your philanthropic intentions. With your generous support, Red Cross will continue to be at the forefront of addressing important issues facing all Canadians, such as:

  • Climate change: which will increase our need to prepare for and respond to disasters;
  • Health and the prevention of injuries—which directly impacts our quality of life; and
  • Changing demographics—which require the promotion of tolerance, respect, and the prevention of abuse and violence.

There are many ways to make a significant gift.  You can transfer marketable securities, make monthly donations or multi-year pledges. Please contact your local donor relations representative who can talk with you more about tax-effective ways of giving, the different gift vehicles and help you fulfil your philanthropic intention.

Major Donations in Western Canada

Making a major donation to the Canadian Red Cross has a significant impact as your gift will be put into action immediately, changing the lives of people across Western Canada. The Red Cross is busy every day helping those who need us most. See how you can be part of something important today.