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Tackling bullying, one community at a time

Name calling. Threats. Punching. Excluding. Many individuals endure these types of bullying on a daily basis. Bullying isn’t a short-term problem that only affects children; it is a serious issue that affects 75 per cent of Canadians. The problem is particularly serious in many Indigenous communities, where 95 per cent of individuals have been affected by bullying.

Volunteer Spotlight: Debbie, Donna and Sharon

Debbie Smith, Donna Doak and Sharon McDougall are Red Cross disaster response volunteers from Brockville who have been volunteering their time to help those who have been evacuated from their homes in northern Ontario due to flooding.

Volunteer Jim Lanthier: Retirement meant spending more time volunteering

When he retired, Jim Lanthier knew he was now able to realize a lifelong desire to volunteer all his free time and chose to help the Canadian Red Cross in disaster management.

Red Cross spotlight: Kayaking to work in the North

There aren't many people who can say they get to kayak to work every day. But that's exactly how Bryan Nahrgang commutes to the Canadian Red Cross satellite office in Moose Cree First Nation. It takes Bryan an hour to get to the office from his h...

Buckles is on the move again!

if you ever see an oversized lifejacket walking around your community, you'll know Buckles is in town! Buckles is the Canadian Red Cross mascot for water safety. He gets around the country quite a bit too. He's been to Timmins, ON; last summer...

Through the Lens: Photo essay of Moose Cree First Nation

This photo essay is a collection of images taken by Toronto-based freelance photographer Johan Hallberg-Campbell during his recent deployments with the Red Cross to Moose Cree First Nation – a remote community off the James Bay coast in Northern ...

Ready Goose says: Be Ready...Honk!

I recently visited the Moose Cree First Nation in Northern Ontario off the James Bay coast for the launch of the Red Cross Be Ready program. Be Ready aims to help the community prepare for disasters specific to the community. It also has its own spec...

Food Friday: Klik with Bunnuck in Moose Cree

Pepperoni pizza. Club house sandwich. BLT. Chili. Salad wrap. All sounds like pretty good food, right? Now, instead of using regular meat or tofu in those dishes, just add Klik. Klik? What’s that, you say? Well, think of it like SPAM’s sister, or the Canadian version of SPAM.

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