Canadian Tiffany Circle Celebrates International Women’s Day

By Alison Thornton, Associate Director, Women in Philanthropy, Canadian Red Cross

The Tiffany Circle is a growing global movement that is providing impactful female led philanthropic leadership. The Canadian Tiffany Circle is a membership of over 70 women from across the country - all of whom are deeply committed to the organization and many who hold additional roles as board members, volunteers, and donors. This network of women leaders is making a difference in their communities and worldwide through their support of the Red Cross.

Join the movement - Canadian Tiffany Circle celebrates International Women’s Day

A group of Tiffany Circle members stand outside the Anne Marie D’Amico community collective centre in North York, Ontario
For the third consecutive year, Canadian Tiffany Circle members Betty-Lou Craig and Laura Isidean have led an International Women’s Day initiative – Women Supporting Women - that is guided by the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and the mission of the Canadian Red Cross.

The goal of this specific initiative is to have Canadian Tiffany Circle members come together and help women in their communities by providing comfort packages to local women’s organizations.

Following the direction of each individual organization, these assembled comfort packages include Canadian Red Cross first aid and/or emergency items. Through their time, talent, and resources, the Tiffany Circle helps to support and build the resilience of women in their local communities across Canada.

A gift bag, gift cards, and Canadian Red Cross emergency tissues and bandages assorted on a table.This International Women’s Day, we had three groups of Tiffany Circle members support different organizations in New Brunswick and Ontario. The kind support included knit toys for children, gift cards, monetary donations, items for moms and babies, Canadian Red Cross personal first aid kits, bandages, tissues, and other items.

How the Tiffany Circle helps those who need it most 

The Tiffany Circle is also one of the Canadian Red Cross’ leading direct mail and digital matching partners. This is crucial as matching campaigns contribute to increasing the impact of donations to communities in Canada and around the world. Donations given through a match campaign double – or even triple – thanks to the generous contribution of a matching partner. 

The 2023 Tiffany Circle Match Campaign brought in donations totalling more than $5 million, with more than 57,217 donations. The next matching campaign is expected to take place in June and July of 2024. 

These are just two examples of the multiple efforts undertaken by the Tiffany Circle to uphold and support the mission of the organization. The Canadian Red Cross is grateful to this group of women who are steadfast in supporting our mission and their communities.

If you are interested in learning more about the Tiffany Circle, please contact Alison Thornton, Associate Director, Women in Philanthropy.

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