Tiffany Circle Member Experience

Women Deliver Conference 2019 participants

By joining the Tiffany Circle here in Canada, you too can find a home within the Red Cross to support the work closest to your heart. Members of the Canadian Red Cross Tiffany Circle are part of a powerful international network of women and play a significant role in helping the Red Cross continue its vital work.

Members can support the Red Cross programs that are of interest to them and engage in ways that they find meaningful. There are many opportunities to attend educational and inspirational Tiffany Circle Events, network with other like-minded members, volunteer for the Red Cross or become more involved in building the Tiffany Circle here in Canada. Members will also be given opportunities to use their individual skills and expertise to help the work of the Red Cross.

Learn how you can attend Tiffany Circle events in your area by contacting:

Lisa Tobias, Associate Director Tiffany Circle
Phone: 416-480-0195 ext. 2265