Tiffany Circle Member Experience

Four women at a table smiling for the camera Great people are the heart of the Red Cross global humanitarian movement. Tiffany Circle members belong to a powerful network of women around the world. They share a special camaraderie with other members within the Tiffany Circle - a connection that fosters personal growth while supporting a cause close to their hearts.

When you join the Canadian Red Cross Tiffany Circle you will enjoy exclusive benefits and opportunities.


When you join the Canadian Red Cross Tiffany Circle you will enjoy outstanding benefits and opportunities:
  • Every member around the world receives the Tiffany & Co. bracelet and charm of the renowned Red Cross.
  • Detailed information and regular updates to provide an insight into the work and impact of Red Cross and the projects they are supporting.
  • The opportunity to visit Red Cross service projects and/or volunteer in their local area.
  • Invitations to experiential and educational events across Canada.
  • Access to prestigious events hosted by the global network in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.
  • Connections and engagement with an esteemed group of successful and passionate Tiffany Circle women throughout the country and internationally.


  • The Canadian Red Cross hosts numerous distinguished events to engage supporters and report back on the work of the Red Cross locally and around the world. Members of the Tiffany Circle have the advantage of participating in or helping to plan special events based on their interests and personal level of involvement. Tiffany Circle occasions are designed to maximize interaction with guests while also providing a fun and memorable Red Cross experience.

When COVID hit we shifted all of our events to be online. Here we are at the Annual Charm Ceremony, 2020

A celebrated Tiffany Circle event, Behind the Red Vest. Toronto, 2019


Anna Hunt-Binkley, Kelowna, British Columbia

Tell us about your ‘history’
I was born in Regina Saskatchewan, enjoyed my younger years between a small prairie town, Winnipeg, and Brandon. I graduated from the University of Manitoba first with a Bachelor of Nursing Degree and then a law degree. I married a Brandon boy and our three extra special sons were born there. We moved to B.C.  in 1991 and currently I keep busy with various community organizations, my horses and family.

How long have you been a member of the Tiffany Circle and why did you join?
Several years ago, I was asked and agreed to chair a Kelowna Red Cross three million dollar Building for Humanity campaign. Chairing a fundraising effort requires immersing oneself in the organization and leading by example. When the Red Cross philanthropy staff understood my donation, she advised that it qualify me to become a Tiffany Circle member to which I replied what does that mean? A number of months later I was planning a trip to Virginia to visit an aunt and the same Red Cross staff person suggested I attend the US Tiffany Circle Washington summit, to meet some of the other Canadian TC members - the rest is history.    

What inspires you?
Knowing that one person or one small act of kindness can truly make a difference in someone’s life.
Laura Isidean, Toronto, Ontario

Tell us about your ‘history’
I was born and raised in Montreal. I spent 20 years in the capital markets industry before moving on to my second act, which involves serving on non-profit boards and volunteering with international and community organizations. I now live in Toronto with my husband and beautiful tween daughter.

How long have you been a member of the Tiffany Circle and why did you join?
I joined 3 years ago after attending my first Anniversary event in Winnipeg at the invitation of another TC member (Jean Lam).  I was already a Red Cross volunteer, so I saw this as an opportunity to deepen my commitment to the organization while joining a vibrant community of female philanthropy leaders.

What inspires you?
My 10-year old daughter – she is beautiful inside and out and inspires me to be a better person every day.