Compassion on the Line: Volunteering with Friendly Calls

It’s truly an experience that helps you grow as an individual.
You are going to learn, no matter what.
— Kian, Friendly Calls volunteer
In the heart of the pandemic's isolation, one individual found solace in connecting with others. Dedicated and compassionate volunteer Kian started his journey into the Red Cross Friendly Calls program from a place of empathy and understanding. "I was feeling isolated and frustrated. So, I could imagine what other people were feeling during that time. It felt intuitive to volunteer with the Friendly Calls program."
Over his time as a volunteer, Kian's conversations with beneficiaries have evolved into comfortable exchanges about life's intricacies. "I have a passion for the stories," he mused, highlighting the richness of human experiences. "Everyone has a backstory — we are the product of every experience and person we've ever met."
For Kian, the program wasn't just about providing companionship; it was a personal and reflective journey where he found a unique connection, a surrogate family in the voices of the seniors he spoke to: "Connecting with seniors and learning from them personally helps me reflect and see down the line."
Listening became an art form, a gesture that bridged the gap between worlds. Whether the conversations lasted 10 minutes or extended to half an hour, each interaction held immense value, a chance to glean wisdom and insights that textbooks could never provide. "You are going to learn, no matter what," he acknowledged, underlining the humanizing effect of these talks. "It's truly an experience that helps you grow as an individual."
Kian's story is a testament to the beauty of human connection and the profound lessons it imparts. His parting words? "I've loved every second of it."

At the Canadian Red Cross, we believe everyone deserves to feel the incredible power of human connection.

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