Red Cross and Red Crescent respond to record-breaking floods in Pakistan

Monsoon rainfall in Pakistan is causing catastrophic landslides and flash flooding across the country. The record-breaking rains are nearly three times higher than the past 30-year average and have impacted an estimated 33 million people – for scale, the population of Canada is just over 38.6 million.

More than one million homes have been damaged, livestock has been lost, livelihoods impacted, and areas have been cut off due to damaged infrastructure. This disaster comes at a time when people were already facing challenges due to food insecurity and the COVID-19 pandemic, and more rainfall is predicted.

Right now, what’s needed is emergency shelter, safe drinking water, access to sanitation and hygiene, healthcare, and other basic needs. The Pakistan Red Crescent Society is distributing pre-positioned emergency supplies, including critical goods like safe drinking water, tents and blankets. Mobile medical health teams are on the ground, while staff and volunteers work to register households, conduct needs assessments, and support evacuations.

The Canadian Red Cross and Pakistan Red Crescent have been working together for more than 15 years, first responding to the 2005 earthquake as well as the extreme flooding in 2010. A Canadian Red Cross supported program following the 2010 floods in Pakistan provided emergency supplies which could be rapidly deployed from inside the country to respond to future disasters, such as the one occurring now.

Canadians who would like to help can make a donation to the Pakistan Floods Appeal, by calling 1-800-418-1111, or by texting PAKISTAN to 20222 to donate $10. Funds raised will help the Red Cross and Red Crescent provide relief, recovery, and resilience activities in Pakistan due to the flooding or future disasters.

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