Fun with floaties: water toy safety

Trying to beat the heat this summer? Nothing’s better than a good swim, especially if you have floaties and other recreational water toys to play with.

Unfortunately, improper water toy use can lead to accidents or injury.

Stay safe with these tips for different types of water toys.

Tips for using recreational water toys Photo of kids playing floaties
  • Always play with a buddy
  • Check the weather conditions before swimming
  • Actively supervise kids
  • Non-swimmers should always wear lifejackets
  • Take all toys out of the water when you get out
Tips for using towed toys like tubes, skis, wakeboards or banana boats:
  • Regularly check tow ropes for wear and tear
  • Always wear appropriate lifejackets
  • Always have a driver and a spotter: This must be two different people so that they can each concentrate on their roles.
  • Have pre-established communication/hand signals between driver and spotter
Tips for using ride-on toys like scooters, stand up paddle boards, paddle boats or wind surfers:
  • Wear your lifejacket
  • Know your swimming ability
  • Use your safety leash; ensure that you have a safety leash attached to you and your board
  • Stay with your craft
  • Don’t drink and playPhoto of floatie
Tips for using inflatable toys like swim platforms, slides, trampolines and party islands:
  • Anchor your water toy securely
  • Check the label for weight or height restrictions
  • Don’t swim around or under toys
  • Children should only play on water toys with other children of similar weight or size
  • Remove all jewelry, watches, shoes, glasses etc., before using toys
View our Health and Safety Tip Sheet here.

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