After quarantine, a letter to say thank you

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After returning to Canada following their time aboard The Grand Princess Cruise ship, Linda and her husband Wray, spent 14 days at Canadian Forces Base Trenton in quarantine. Now returned home, Linda took a moment to send a letter sharing her experiences.

Dear Red Cross, 

Linda with her husband Wray aboard the Grand Princess cruise shipMy husband and I were passengers on The Grand Princess Cruise ship when it was struck with COVID-19.

We spent 7 days in quarantine on the ship until our ship was able to dock, which it did, in Oakland.

The Canadian passengers that were healthy were boarded onto a cargo plane and sent to CFB Trenton.
Although I was very anxious, stressed, exhausted and scared I knew I was home, on Canadian soil.   A pure sense of relief.

Here is what I did not expect.  While on the plane, and the moment we landed, we were cared for by many, many amazing people.  Walking into the airplane hangar took my breath away and I had to hold back the tears.  The welcome home signs, the smiles that were on everyone’s face, so happy to see us and to help us. I felt like I had walked into a huge family reunion.

The Canadian Red Cross and its workers/volunteers are amazing.  In the airplane hangar we were given snacks and drinks, beautiful blankets (which I still keep very close to me) and sweet little teddy bears.   I totally felt like we were now safe and in good hands.

I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the services and wonderful care that The Red Cross provided.  I am so grateful to have been at Trenton and am so grateful to have been surrounded by such caring and dedicated people.

A special thank you to those who were working in the Hercules Building.  So much appreciation for our nurse Alex, runners Andrew & Colin, Raja, and Anne, who made our days brighter.

Linda McClelland

Thank you, Linda, for this lovely letter! We are also so grateful to the Red Crossers who are working hard to help people impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are interested in volunteering with the Red Cross, find more information on our website, including roles as part of the COVID-19 response.

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