Make a little magic for a Halloween like none other!

By Vanessa Racine, social medias coordinator

Time and again, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to adapt to constant change, and family celebrations are no exception. In addition to dealing with all the impacts of COVID-19 on the school year, we are also trying to find alternatives to certain family traditions so that kids can still have some fun.
Three jack-o-lanterns sitting beside uncarved pumpkins 
Nobody can say with certainty what will happen on October 31 this year, but the pandemic will alter some traditional merriment, especially trick-or-treating. Will we be able to celebrate the day, which kids are so eagerly awaiting, while still keeping them and others safe? What we do know is that Halloween will look a little different this year. Since it falls during the weekend, instead of having to hurriedly mark the occasion after school on a weeknight, we can take the time to celebrate all day long.
Need some inspiration? We have all the ingredients for fun, spooky festivities.

Boo-tify your décor

Deck your house out in Halloween colours! Spend an afternoon together as a family making your own indoor decorations, and reward everyone for their efforts with a goody bag full of candy. As a bonus, you could even organize a decorating contest and award the winner with a special treat!

Hands carving a face into a pumpkin

Create stunning jack-o’-lanterns

Planning to have one big one, or lots of little ones? No matter how many pumpkins you want to carve this year, give them different faces, with each one more frightful than the last!
You can even use your leftover pumpkin (which you’ll need to puree) in all kinds of baked goods.

Make devilish desserts and enjoy them in costume!

Planning a family baking day? Add candies to the mix! Use them to decorate the frosting on cakes or replace the chocolate chips in your favourite cookies. There are all kinds of ways to add creative flair to your desserts. Stick to a Halloween theme with orange or black icing.
Before devouring your gourmet creations, dress up in your best Halloween costumes and enjoy them around the table as a family!

Create an at-home treasure hunt

Kids may not be able to roam the streets this year, but they can walk the halls in search of ghoulish goodies. You might even top things off by having a tasting night together with the candies and putting on a good movie.

Have a scary movie night

What’s your favourite Halloween movie? Which ones do your kids love to watch year after year? Plan a movie night and enjoy these classics all over again — or discover new ones.

In fact, you could even extend scary movie night throughout the month, leading up to Halloween night! Have each of your family members write the name of a movie on a slip of paper, and then draw to determine the film for the evening. Depending on everyone’s tastes and ages, it may be better to draw two titles from different genres: one that’s family friendly, and one to watch after the little ones are in bed.

Once it gets dark, dim the lights, bring out an assortment of goodies to snack on with popcorn, get comfy and brace yourself for chills and thrills!
Why not finish off a successful Halloween night with a scary bedtime story?
So much has changed since the beginning of the pandemic, but, with a little creative spirit, the holiday can still be filled with magic.
Have a safe Halloween!

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