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Tips to get your home ready for wildfires

During wildfire season it is important to keep informed through trusted, verified sources, monitor weather, listen to local authorities, and prepare to evacuate if needed. Keeping your car fueled and essentials packed for the whole family is a good start. But what can you do around the house to prepare your home?

Tips from FireSmart Canada to help you prepare your outdoor space for wildfires and create a non-combustible zone around your house. 

  • Clear all dead plants, leaves, and weeds within 10 meters of your home. Man cutting trees

  • Mow the grass and weeds around your property nice and short. Ideally, 10 centimeters tall (or less).

  • Clean out those gutters. Remove any debris regularly.

  • Create a non-combustible zone around your home by sweeping down to mineral, rock or concrete around your house. This zone should be 1.5 meters wide.

  • Move combustible items into your garage. This could include patio furniture, toys, or firewood.

  • Propane tanks should be moved and placed at least 10 meters away from any structures. Take the time to remove any combustible materials (like weeds or plants) if you have any stationary propane tanks.

  • If you have a fence, make sure to clear any combustible debris from both sides. If you’re evacuating, make sure to leave the gate open and secure it so it stays open.

Use these tips from FireSmart Canada to seal off any areas where embers could get into your house.  

  • Check any crawl spaces around your home for damaged vents. If you find any damage use duct tape and mesh screening to cover them.

  • Remove any cardboard boxes or other flammable items stored close to vents in your crawl spaces.

  • Cover dryer vents and wall-mounted make-up air openings for furnaces with a plywood cover, metal tape or duct tape.

For other tips to get your home fire ready visit FireSmart Canada.

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