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Snow day activities to entertain the whole family

With all this unruly winter weather lately, it is important to limit travel as much as possible. If you must go outside, wear a lot of layers and cover any exposed skin. And make sure to put some rock salt down to prevent slipping on that icy drive way.

Be ready with your emergency kit and have a kit for your car. Take the time to listen to weather alerts and check road conditions. If there is a power outage never use a generator, BBQ, or propane in an enclosed area.

If you are snowed in all is not lost. Here are some fun snow day activates to prevent any stir craziness.
Family hands in the middle

  • Build a giant pillow fort using every pillow and blanket in the house.

  • Bake something tasty. (Bonus: turning the oven on will also heat up the house a bit more).

  • Create a craft station and make snowflake streamers using just white paper and scissors.

  • Have a board game marathon with hot chocolate.

  • Set up a laser maze using tape and some yarn or string. Tape the string or yarn criss-crossing along a hallway.

  • Have a fashion show.

  • Have a spa day using cucumbers and nail polish.

  • Set up an indoor picnic (invite all stuffed animals).

  • Write a play or story together and act it out as a family.

  • Create a music playlist and have a dance off.

  • Set up an epic game of charades.

  • Create an indoor treasure hunt and dress up as pirates.

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