On the scene when seconds counted

By Jonathan Porbeni, Canadian Red Cross volunteer

It was a day that would start like many others and end like no other.

Nick Rondinelli and John Devlin were in their downtown Toronto offices on a spring day in late May, taking care of regular business responsibilities. Rondinelli was at his desk; Devlin was doing some paper work after teaching a first aid course when they heard a collision outside their window. A car and a scooter had collided head-on, propelling the rider several metres into the air.

First aid instructors with decades of experience, Rondinelli and Devlin immediately jumped into action, running downstairs to get a first aid kit and to have emergency services called. He and John then provided first aid to the injured man until paramedics arrived.

“Nick and John are true champions of the Red Cross First Aid program,” said Janine Bain, First Aid representative with the Red Cross in Central Ontario. “Their first instinct when they witnessed this collision was to jump in without hesitation and help as best they could.”

Receiving Canadian Red Cross Rescuer Award for their quick-thinking actionsFor their efforts, Rondinelli and Devlin were nominated for the Canadian Red Cross Rescuer Award. It is given to people who have volunteered to save a life, provided comfort to someone who is injured, and to those who adhere to Red Cross philosophies.

“They are very deserving of this award,” added Bain, after the training partners were recently recognized for their life-saving heroics.

Rondinelli and Devlin are no strangers to lending a hand when needed. Rondinelli founded Heart 2 Heart First Aid/CPR Services more than 18 years ago and specializes in providing First Aid and CPR/AED training for the general public as well as professional rescuers.  He’s also a long-time Red Cross training partner. Devlin is a first aid instructor with more than 25 years’ experience.

Although having been involved in many first aid situations over the years, none was quite as dramatic for the two men as this particular response.

“We were in the right place at the right time,” said Nick Rondinelli. “Having the opportunity to apply first-hand what we have trained so many people to do over the past 20 years was priceless.”
To find a Red Cross First Aid and CPR course near you, visit www.redcross.ca.

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