Volunteers unite from coast to coast to assist wildfire evacuees

With dry and severe weather causing wildfires to quickly spread across British Columbia, more than 46,000 people have been forced to flee their homes to safety. Many of these families and individuals were evacuated to Prince George, where they are currently seeking comfort and assistance until they are able to return home.
Canadian Red Cross volunteers mobilized immediately to support this response.  Over the past week, volunteers from all across the country have arrived in Prince George to support the local team. Meet some of the amazing Red Crossers that are already making a difference on the ground in Prince George.
Alberta: Menasheh Speevak-Slasowski, Responder
From Alberta, Menasheh Speevak-Slasowski, Responder
British Columbia: Derrick Harvey, Emergency Response Team Lead
From British Columbia, Derrick Harvey, Emergency Response Team Lead
Manitoba: Kevin Gamble, Responder
From Manitoba, Kevin Gamble, Responder
New Brunswick: Ann Deane, Responder
From New Brunswick, Ann Deane, Responder
Newfoundland: Kevin Burke, Logistics
From Newfoundland, Kevin Burke, Logistics
Nova Scotia: David Rennie, Logistics Lead
From Nova Scotia: David Rennie, Logistics Lead
Ontario: Joy Martin, Responder
From Ontario, Joy Martin, Responder
Quebec: Denis Houle, People Services
From Quebec, Denis Houle, People Services
Saskatchewan: Elaine Caswell, Safety and Well Being Lead
From Saskatchewan, Elaine Caswell, Safety and Well Being Lead

You can support those impacted by the British Columbia Wildfires, too. Please consider a financial donation to the BC Wildfires Appeal online at redcross.ca, by calling 1-800-418-1111, or by visiting your local Red Cross office. 

If you're interested in becoming trained as a Red Cross volunteer to respond to future disasters in your community and beyond, visit www.redcross.ca/volunteer.
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