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10 must-have gift ideas from the Red Cross

Now that you are looking to find the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones, have you thought about visiting the Red Cross eShop?
Although a first aid or disaster preparedness kit may seem less appealing than the latest electronic gadget, Red Cross gifts can save lives and provide peace of mind.
And if  you are looking for a gift idea for the person who already has everything, consider building a survival kit to help people in need in Canada or around the world. More great news: Aviva Canada will match your gift.
Here are 10 ideas to give your loved ones the gift of safety this year! 

Emergency preparedness

1-radio-chargeur_400-(1).png1- Portable digital radio and smartphone charger ($74.99)
Practical in emergencies and on camping trips and long hikes, this AM/FM/shortwave device supports solar charging and has a crank for nighttime emergencies, as well as the all-important phone charger.

lampesolaire.png2- Solar light ($19.99)
Another perfect gift for campers, this portable solar light can last for up to 15 hours on a single day’s charge.

3-  Water-powered emergency light ($12.99)
This eco-friendly, water-powered emergency light is the ideal alternative to candles and matches.

preparation_luxe.png4- Deluxe 2-person preparedness kit ($122.95)
This comprehensive 2-person kit contains survival essentials in case disaster strikes, such as a flashlight, multitools, a first aid kit, a sleeping bag, blankets and rain ponchos.

5- Basic 1-person preparedness kit ($84.95)
This kit contains basic emergency supplies for one person, including a first aid kit, flashlight, multifunction knife, matches and an emergency blanket.

mylar.png6- Mylar blanket ($1.95)

This emergency blanket made of aluminized non-stretch polyester conserves body heat. Lightweight and compact, it fits easily into first aid kits, pockets, bags and glove compartments.



First aid

The Red Cross eShop has a variety of first aid kits to suit your needs and budget. Here are a few suggestions:
7- Deluxe first aid kit ($59.95)
This comprehensive kit is stocked with everything you need to treat burns, bleeding, sprains, eye injuries and other minor injuries. The kit also has a reflective strip that makes it easy to locate in an emergency, as well as a glow stick for accidents in the dark. 

8- Roadside first aid and safety kit ($44.95)
This kit contains essential first aid supplies and everything you need to stay safe on the roadside. It includes a reflective warning vest, a light stick, nitrile-dipped gloves and a hooded poncho to keep you warm and dry.

trousse-personnlle.png9- Personal first aid kit ($5.99)
A practical little stocking stuffer, this mini first aid kit comes in a waterproof pouch and is perfect for all your minor first aid needs.

10- First aid training
This may be the most useful gift you could give a loved one. Our partners offer various types of first aid courses, such as Standard First Aid & CPR, Emergency First Aid & CPR, or for kids, Babysitting (ages 11–15) and Stay Safe! (ages 9+). Just search for a course in the location and date range of your choice and register directly with the training partner offering the course. Visit



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