Dealing with the dog days of summer

With summer still providing hot weather throughout many parts of Canada, it's important for everyone enjoying the outdoors to know how to prevent heat emergencies. Let Hudson show you how to deal with the dog days of summer.

Drink plenty of cool fluids — this is the most important step you can take. Stay hydrated - Hudson enjoys water play even more on hot summer days.
Stay hydrated

Wear light, loose clothing to let air circulate and heat escape and always wear a hat. Hudson keeps his attire light in summer heat.
Dress appropriately for hot weather

Slow down your activities as it gets hotter and don’t work, exercise, or play for too long at a time. Hudson knows not to play in the heat for too long.
Slow down your activities in the heat

Take a lot of breaks in a cool or shady area to let your body cool off. This will help if you do need to be outside when it’s really hot. The outdoors beckons for Hudson but he knows when to take a break.Take breaks in cool places

Avoid being outside during the hottest part of the day. Hudson enjoys his summer activities in appropriate temperatures.
Avoid the hottest parts of the day for summer activities

Here are more tips to keep your cool in Canadian summers and avoid heat-related emergencies.
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