How the Red Cross is helping after the earthquake in Ecuador

A state of emergency has been declared in Ecuador following a powerful, 7.8 earthquake that hit the coastal province of Esmeraldas on April 17. Hundreds of people have lost their lives, or have been injured – and thousands have been impacted by the disaster. The earthquake struck 173km from Ecuador’s capital Quito, and caused serious damage to buildings, infrastructure, the electricity supply, and highways that are needed to deliver assistance.

The Red Cross is on the ground, supporting the needs of those affected by the disaster, with hundreds of Ecuadorian Red Cross volunteers working around the clock to help provide aid. These volunteers are providing services like first aid, psychosocial support, and search and rescue, as well as supporting evacuations and telecommunications around the country.  Red Cross teams are also carrying out assessments to help determine what other support may be needed.

Red Cross teams assess damage
Red Cross teams are assessing damage following a powerful earthquake in Ecuador. Photo credit: IFRC
Red Cross teams assess damage to infrastructure
The earthquake damaged highways and infrastructure. Red Cross teams are assessing damage. Photo credit: IFRC
Providing first aid
Red Cross teams are supporting those impacted by the earthquake. Photo credit: IFRC
Red Cross teams assess potential need
Red Cross teams survey damage following the earthquake. Photo credit: IFRC
Delivering aid and supplies
Hundreds of Red Cross volunteers are working around the clock to support those affected. Photo credit: IFRC

Canadians can help support the Red Cross’ response efforts by making a donation to the Ecuador Earthquake Appeal

If you are looking for a Canadian citizen in the affected area, please refer them to Foreign Affairs Canada 1-800-387-3124.

The Canadian Red Cross Restoring Family Links Program helps people re-establish contact with their family members when separated by natural disasters.

If you are looking for someone who isn’t a Canadian citizen, please contact the Canadian Red Cross  at 1-800-363-7305 or  1-866-399-8412 to confidentially discuss your request with a case management officer, you can also send an email to or visit us online
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