Going home: an exciting day for evacuated people

Roxy and her daughtersIt’s an exciting time for some of the people evacuated by the Saskatchewan wildfires who get to return home. Roxy Fontaine and her three daughters are just a few of those people.

“The girls loved swimming every day when they were here but they miss being at home,” says Fontaine. “It’s a big relief to go home. There really is no place like home.”

The girls haven’t seen their Dad for a few days so they have decided that the first thing they are going to do when they get home is to jump on him and hug him.

The Fontaines are just one of many families returning to their community. There is plenty of excitement and smiles as people board buses on their way home.  Most have mentioned looking forward to sleeping in their own beds; others are excited to see their pets.

Evacuees returning home
Roxy and her daughters: Arielee, Avery and Hannah

“I’ve enjoyed spending time with these people and am so excited that some of them are able to return home,” says Deb Gander, a volunteer with the Red Cross. “There are so many smiles and hugs. A whole bus-load of people said they were going to miss me!”

Hundreds of  people were able to return to their community, and preparations are underway to assist others with their return home as evacuation orders are lifted.

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