Ready to dine during a disaster? Join our #DisasterDining contest

Creative, fun meals using non-perishable food items
The #DisasterDining competition is underway with chefs using only non-perishable food items, which would be found in your emergency kit, to make fun and creative meals
Walmart Canada Disaster Dining Event
From the Disaster Dining event at Walmart Canada in Ottawa today. You can enter your recipes using #DisasterDining for a chance to win!
Lots of fun at the Disaster Dining event at Walmart Canada in Ottawa today
Winners from the Disaster Dining event at Walmart in Ottawa: chef Ilan and son Ben - congratulations!

In an emergency, you may not have electricity to cook standard meals for your family or yourself – what delicious and nutritious meals would you ‘cook’ up?
Join in our contest by using #DisasterDining to share your recipe as text, photo or video. The seven entries with the most votes will be eligible to win a $25 Walmart gift card or disaster preparedness kit.
Using only non-perishable food items that might be found in your disaster preparedness kit, give disaster dining a try in your home with these recipes and ideas. Search for your own no-cook recipes and use items from your emergency preparedness kit to plan for delicious meals during a disaster.
Visit our contest page for more information and contest details.
Until October 23, all 395 Walmart stores across Canada will be supporting families in need by raising money for the Canadian Red Cross in support of its disaster relief work in communities across the country. 
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