Red Cross responding to flooding in the Prairies

KimMaclean_Hwy10_Melville_June30_2014_small-(1).jpgSignificant rainfall this past week in Saskatchewan and Manitoba has resulted in flooding in several towns and communities, forcing hundreds of residents to evacuate their home. In Manitoba, more flood waters are expected to come from the west in the coming days.

The Canadian Red Cross has deployed highly trained disaster response volunteers to assist. Working closely with local authorities and government, Red Cross is providing evacuees with services to meet their needs. In Saskatchewan, Red Cross is also providing registration, shelter and food vouchers on behalf of the provincial government. The Canadian Red Cross in Manitoba is mobilizing personnel and supplies to meet needs as requested by the municipalities and counties.

Other recovery assistance provided by Red Cross may include clean-up materials and the replacement of essential personal items destroyed by floodwaters or left behind during evacuations. Canadian Red Cross volunteers will continue to work with individuals and families to identify needs and available resources.

2014-07-01-11-17-29_blog.jpgThe Canadian Red Cross is currently assessing the situation and is preparing to mobilize additional personnel and supplies. A large recovery effort to help families return home is expected, based on experience from the 2011 floods.

Residents of Saskatchewan who have been impacted by the floods are encouraged to contact Red Cross confidentially at 1-888-953-3463 to see if they qualify for recovery assistance.

Affected Manitobans and their concerned family members or friends can call Red Cross at 1-888-662-3211 to connect with evacuees they have lost contact with during flooding.

The Red Cross flood recovery guide offers useful information for residents affected by flooding.2014-07-01-11-20-23_blog.jpg

Red Cross is accepting donations to help families and communities recover from the flooding devastation in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Donations can be made be made online to the Canadian Red Cross response in Manitoba or the Canadian Red Cross response in Saskatchewan, by calling 1-800-418-1111, or at any Red Cross branch. All donations should be earmarked to either Saskatchewan Floods or Manitoba Floods.

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