Photo of the Day: Celebrating World First Aid Day

potd sept 13

As we prepare to mark World First Aid Day tomorrow, we wanted to share how important it is for everyone to have proper training. Take a look at our Red Cross friends from South Sudan in the photo above. Seventeen Red Cross volunteers participated in first aid training in order to strengthen their confidence and skills in emergency situations.

In the past months, violence in South Sudan has resulted in hundreds of people being wounded. Tens of thousands of people have had to leave their homes to reside in neighbouring countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda. These South Sudan Red Cross volunteers provide life-saving first aid to people in need in areas where health care is not nearly as accessible as it is to us in Canada.

Speaking of having readily access to first aid, don't forget to check out our first aid mobile app! This app provides you with the information you need in a medical emergency in the palm of your hands.

To learn more about World First Aid Day and to see how first aid is saving lives around the world, visit the IFRC.

Photo Credit: Marco Di Lauro / Getty Images / ICRC

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