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Celebrating community support services in Ontario

Red Cross - getting ready for the morning rush Getting ready for the morning rush


October is Community Support Services month in Ontario, and we are celebrating some of our programs that make it possible for people in the community to live independently. Fern Campbell is a great example of someone who has benefited from the Red Cross Meals on Wheels program for many years.

A client of the program since 1993, Fern started off getting the hot meals delivered, but now finds the frozen meals better suit her needs. When she began using Red Cross services, she lived with her mother who was afflicted with dementia. Fern requires the use of a wheelchair and appreciated the convenience of having meals delivered as it became too difficult to leave her mother unattended for long periods of time. “Over the years as my situation changed, I could call upon the Red Cross and the staff worked with me to suggest changes to make the program ideal for me,” said Fern. “With having frozen meals as opposed to the hot meals, I don’t see the volunteers as often, but it’s always nice to see friendly faces and be able to have a quick chat to learn about what’s new. It’s like seeing a friend you haven’t seen for a long time.”

Fern also uses another Red Cross Community Support Services program through Attendant Outreach.

I have CP, so my caregiver comes twice a day to help get me up and ready for the day, and then returns in the evening. I’m very pleased with the support I’m able to receive through the Red Cross.
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