Photo of the Day: Buckles takes water safety message on the road

Guest entry by Melanie MacDonald, Communications Coordinator in Atlantic Canada

Boating safety demonstration for kids in PEI

Have you heard about our Canadian Red Cross and Transport Canada water and boating safety teams touring the Atlantic region this summer? Since the beginning of June, 16 dedicated students and staff have demonstrated life-saving tips at festivals, parks and beaches to help draw attention to water safety issues like what to do if your canoe tips. Not to mention the cool tattoos they give out! PEI team members Emily-Kate MacDonald, Chad Dunsford, and Jordon Daigle recently presented at Mill River Fun Park for Kids' Day and of course Buckles, our mascot, made a special appearance to assist in demonstrating how to properly wear a life jacket.

While we want everyone to have a great time in their water adventures, we're splashing some cold water on boating or swimming plans with a reminder that even in the warmest days of summer, many rivers, lakes and ocean beaches in Atlantic Canada have areas where the water temperature can be cold enough to put boaters and even experienced, strong swimmers at heightened risk of drowning. Please be careful out there.

Buckles and Chad demonstrate boating safety

We'd like to shout out a big hello and thank you to our teams as they continue on their journey as water and boating safety ambassadors until the end of August.

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