Photo of the Day: Maintaining medical equipment for children

Guest blog by James Park, Red Cross Public Affairs assistant in BC

Every day, we publish a photo to show the Red Cross at work across the country or around the world. Do you have a photo to share? Let us know!

Growing up can be difficult. This is especially true for children with special needs. Children with special needs often require equipment that is specialized not only for their specific needs, but for their sizes. Even with funding from various agencies, families may struggle with the financial costs of providing specialized medical equipment for their children. This is where the Red Cross Children’s Medical Equipment Recycling and Loan Service (CMERLS) in the BC Lower Mainland comes in to save the day. CMERLS provides not just medical and therapeutic equipment, but recreational equipment to children with special needs. The inventory ranges from wheelchairs, walkers, biomedical equipment and even adapted bikes. The generous support of donors and volunteers has allowed the Red Cross to positively affect the lives of over 3000 children.

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