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Red Cross Youth In Action

David Shen is not just an ordinary high school senior; he is a passionate Red Cross youth volunteer. As president of Milliken Mills Secondary School Red Cross Youth Action group, David has committed much of his energy to Red Cross and plans to keep the momentum going when he gets to university.

Most recently, David and the Milliken Mills youth group headed a landmine awareness week called “BOOM.” This included planning a week-long campaign raising awareness on the devastating effects of landmines in third world countries.

One of his ideas included putting “red cross” marked spots in the hallway of his high school randomly. Someone would then count the number of students and teachers that stepped on the spots during lunch, which were actually symbolic landmines.

His youth group would then announce the startling number of people who would be affected by landmines in the school at the end of the week. 

“Along with raising awareness, we also want to get more students involved in our events, so they can become empowered to continue to help out and stay dedicated,” David said.

Way to go, David! Keep up the good work!  

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