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Dear Greg...put the toilet seat down!

For the love of humanity, put down the toilet seat! 

That was the plea of a disgruntled woman on Twitter challenging her other half to finally lower the seat. The call to action grabbed headlines – and an entire billboard in a busy street in Sydney, Australia.

This cheeky billboard was part of an online fundraising campaign by the Australian Red Cross called For the Love of Humanity. The idea of the campaign was to “give up something you love for humanity - chocolate, beer, sex, TV -- whatever your pleasure, deprive yourself for a day, a week or a month and you could provide clean drinking water for communities in East Timor, Indonesia, Laos and Cambodia.”

We’re not sure if Greg did ever put down the toilet seat, but the ad created a lot of media buzz. Just recently, the brains behind the campaign picked up an Outdoor Advertising Industry Award.

 Congrats to the Australian Red Cross!

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