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Breaking bread with friends thanks to the Red Cross

October 01, 2013 - A couple of years ago, Ray and Pat Johnson began attending the Congregate Dining program offered by the Red Cross in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Rescued from a flood

July 25, 2013 -

In Ontario, Canadian Red Cross disaster teams have been working hard to help those communities affected by severe flooding – including 70-year-old Angelo, his wife and their neighbours in Black River

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Swimming lessons are for life

July 10, 2013 - An average of 400 Canadians drown each year. While the ability to swim is important, swimming skills alone aren’t always enough to save a life.

Man provides life-saving CPR to person in need

November 29, 2012 - Bran's remarkable story underscores a vital fact - it only takes one moment to make a difference in the life of someone in need.