Canadian Red Cross announces $4 million to residents impacted by spring floods

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May 18, 2017

A Canadian Red Cross volunteer sits at a table and helps register someone

Photo: Canadian Red Cross

When disasters and emergencies strike, Canadians are quick to help each other. Thanks to this generosity, the Red Cross is able to provide direct financial assistance in the form of electronic cash transfers to households that have been impacted by severe flooding in Quebec and Ontario.

Eligible registered households will receive $600 to help purchase what they urgently need during this very difficult time. We know that it will take time to recover from the damage caused by these floods. That’s why this current financial assistance is only the beginning. Moving ahead, the Red Cross will be working with affected people on a one-on-one basis, through confidential needs assessments in order to determine what help we are able to offer.

Donate to the Spring Floods Appeal – Quebec Designation
Donate to the Spring Floods Appeal

In the affected regions in Quebec and Ontario, Red Cross volunteers are mobilized daily, working in shifts to support information centers in flood-impacted areas. Elsewhere in Ontario, British Columbia, and Atlantic Canada, Red Cross Disaster Management teams are monitoring situations very closely and volunteers are currently on standby to assist municipalities as needed.

If your household was impacted by floods in Quebec and Ontario, you may be eligible for direct financial assistance. 

Even if you have already received help from the Red Cross it is important to register or re-register now, because only those who complete this registration process will receive an electronic cash transfer – registration will also be important if your household needs assistance in the future.

Register here if you have been impacted by flooding in Quebec or Ontario.
You can also sign up by calling 1-800-863-6582.

aide_en-150.jpgHere are the simple steps to request a direct financial assistance 

If you need immediate assistance, Red Cross volunteers are meeting flood-affected residents on a daily basis at reception and information centres in Quebec and Ontario

How you can help

If you wish to support the Red Cross response to spring flooding in Quebec, you can contribute to the Spring Floods Appeal – Quebec Designation, which helps meet the needs of those who have been most affected by the floods. These needs may include shelter, food, basic home repairs, children’s needs and personal services.
Canadians wishing to donate to other provinces wherever help may be needed most can contribute to the Spring Floods Appeal, which will be used to provide essential support for any of the most affected regions in Canada.

Donations to the Red Cross will support individuals, families and entire communities affected by the flooding. Support will be provided based on needs identified across impacted regions as we work alongside local authorities. This may include aid in the form of food, clothing, and shelter, or recovery assistance in the form of clean-up materials, household repairs and furniture replacements.

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