The Canadian Red Cross is providing additional support to households hardest hit by flooding

June 14, 2017

floods Canada  Thanks to the generosity of individual donors, community organizations and corporations, the Red Cross is offering additional funding to help households hardest hit by the spring flooding in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. 

Through experience, we know that when the water finally recedes, the recovery phase is just beginning.  The needs will be great as flood-impacted residents, try to get their lives back on track.
This financial support will be in addition to the $600 in direct assistance that is offered to eligible households whose main residence has been damaged by water and who are registered with the Red Cross.
Flood-impacted households must qualify for additional assistance through assessments with Red Cross case workers. This funding will be tailored to their specific needs and will complement government assistance, Such needs can include, costs associated with food, relocation or basic home repairs, health support, children’s needs or work-related needs.

How to get assistance?

  1. Direct financial assistance of $600

    If your household was impacted by flooding in Quebec, Ontario or British Columbia, you may be eligible to $600 in direct assistance.  Visit gethelp to find out more and to register.

  2. Additional assistance

    If your home was destroyed or badly damaged, you may be eligible to additional assistance. Visit to find out more.

  3. Immediate assistance

    If you need immediate assistance, Red Cross volunteers are available every day in reception and information centres that have been set up in Quebec, in Ontario and in British Columbia to respond to the needs of flood-impacted residents.

Do you want to help?

If you want to support Red Cross efforts in response to the spring floods in Quebec, you can donate to the Spring Floods Appeal Quebec. Funds raised will help meet the needs of the people hardest hit by the disaster across the province. These needs can include housing, food, basic repairs to the main residence, items for children as well as personal services. 

Canadians who wish to support Red Cross operations taking place across the country, such as in Ontario and British Columbia, where the needs are most pressing, can make a donation to the Spring Floods Appeal. Funds raised will be used to assist individuals and families that have been impacted by the spring flooding.  

The Red Cross provides assistance in the form of food, clothing, accommodation, registration as well as recovery support in the form of financial assistance, clean-up kits, and information services to help flood-impacted residents cover the cost of repairing their homes, relocating or other eligible costs as determined by an individual needs analysis.

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