Ontario Spring Floods 2017


Response highlights 
Since the spring, over 200 Red Cross personnel have assisted Ontario residents affected by flooding in their communities, and the Red Cross continues to assist those in need.

The Canadian Red Cross is continuing to work closely with municipal and provincial authorities, as well as community partners and residents, to ensure needs are met now and in the months ahead on their road to recovery.

Financial assistance
In the immediate aftermath, the Canadian Red Cross assisted residents affected by spring flooding by providing emergency financial assistance in the form of electronic funds transfers. The Red Cross continues to assist those impacted, and is currently providing support to residents whose residences have been severely damaged or destroyed, resulting in their displacement from their homes.

Residents in flood-affected communities who have registered with the Canadian Red Cross and wish to discuss their eligibility financial assistance can call 1-800-863-6582.

The Canadian Red Cross is grateful for the generosity of Canadians in supporting the Spring Flooding Appeal. As of November 17, $4 million has been raised to help impacted residents in affected regions in Canada outside of Quebec.

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