Three ways to get started with first aid and CPR

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March 08, 2013

Three ways to get started with first aid and CPR

The Canadian Red Cross is a charity organization known across the country and around the world for its humanitarian work. From disaster relief to education programs that help prevent violence and other incidents, the services offered by the Canadian Red Cross help people in need.

With first aid and CPR courses provided by the Canadian Red Cross, people are able to react to emergencies wherever they strike with skills that could save the life of someone at great risk.

If you've never attended a first aid and CPR course and you're on the fence about whether this could benefit you, consider these three tips for getting started today.

1. Arrange a course at work
First aid and CPR is mandatory in workplaces, so if you haven't participated in a course yet, it may be a great idea to arrange one.

The Canadian Red Cross' first aid and CPR courses are compliant with federal and provincial occupational health and safety standards - they can also be adjusted to fit the size of your workplace.

2. Learn compression-only CPR
Compression-only CPR is an alternative method to full CPR and is done using chest compressions to stimulate the heart and circulate oxygen around the body. It can be an effective choice in certain circumstances for individuals who are unable or unsure of how to do full CPR, which requires cycles of 30 chest compressions and two rescue breaths.

3. Assemble a first aid kit
No matter what level of skill you have with first aid and CPR, by putting a first aid kit together you can ensure that you'll be able to overcome problems that arise, whether as a result of accidents on the road or natural disasters such as flooding or snow storms.

A first aid kit should include medicals supplies - if you want to make an emergency response kit, including flashlights, a radio, blankets, food and other supplies, it can give you a layer of support in the aftermath of large-scale incidents.

Leave your mark
The Canadian Red Cross offers many different types of first aid and CPR courses, all of which are designed to give people the skills and confidence that they need during emergency situations to react decisively. 

To learn more about the first aid and CPR program, you can visit us online or contact your local Canadian Red Cross office today.

You can also show your support by choosing to donate online. Each contribution benefits the humanitarian work of the Canadian Red Cross and can help you make a difference in the lives of those in need.

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