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Life-saving mission begins in the Mediterranean as Red Cross launches rescue boat

August 16, 2016 - The Red Cross has launched its first search and rescue ship in a bid to save the lives of people crossing the Mediterranean seeking refuge and safety in Europe.
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First Contact program assists refugees and newcomers in Ontario and Vancouver

June 19, 2014 - First Contact beneficiary Hassan Moghaddas Nejad describes his 2007 arrival in Canada as a refugee, the assistance he received from the Canadian Red Cross and his life now as a husband and father in Toronto. 
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International Migrant Day is December 18

December 19, 2013 - The Canadian Red Cross provides a range of migrant and refugee services and is committed to helping new Canadian arrivals find the resources they need.
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World Refugee Week

June 11, 2013 -

World Refugee Week, taking place from June 16-22, is a time to honour the courage, strength and determination of women, men and children who are forced to flee their countries to escape the threat of conflict and violence. 

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Woman benefits from Canadian Red Cross assistance

May 03, 2013 - For one woman who fled from her native country of Kosovo, the Canadian Red Cross' assistance provided relief and resources when she needed them most.
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What are the top five things migrants and refugees should do when they reach Canada?

February 06, 2013 - With these five tips, affected persons can ease the strain of relocating and gain the tools needed to build a successful future.
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What are the five things that migrants and refugees can gain from the Canadian Red Cross' First Contact program?

January 22, 2013 - The following are the top five things that migrants and refugees claimants can receive from the First Contact program.
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World Disasters Report reveals the problems facing migrants and refugees

January 17, 2013 - Did you know that more than one in every hundred of the world's citizens are forcibly displaced, and that an estimated 20 million migrants and refugees are living in a state of prolonged displacement?
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SmartStart empowers newcomers to Canada to respond to emergencies

September 26, 2012 - Many newcomers to Canada face challenges when they arrive in the country, but the Canadian Red Cross offers programs that can help them overcome obstacles.
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First Contact helps refugee claimants resettle with ease

September 14, 2012 - Have you ever been abroad and found yourself unable to communicate with others or even understand the signs and maps laid out along the street?
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