Four reasons why international humanitarian law is important for Canadians

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March 08, 2013

Four reasons why international humanitarian law is important for Canadians

The Canadian Red Cross is a charity organization that works to provide relief for individuals who have been impacted by situations across the world. From emergencies to natural disasters, the types of incidents that people are affected by can vary, yet the support that the Canadian Red Cross offers during times of need is unwavering.

International humanitarian law, also known as a the laws of war, is a body of rules established by the Geneva Conventions to protect people during times of crisis.

The Canadian Red Cross strives to honour and uphold the tenets of international humanitarian law each day, yet for some Canadians, the importance of international humanitarian law may seem difficult to understand.

Below are four reasons why international humanitarian law has the potential to impact the lives of Canadians across the country.

1. Volunteers can be sent abroad
Individuals who volunteer with humanitarian organizations across the country may end up working in other countries during times of armed conflict or other situations of violence. International humanitarian law dictates that these people be afforded specific rights, which can provide peace of mind to relatives in Canada.

2. Relatives may live in countries affected by armed conflict
Many Canadians have family members who reside outside the country - some may even live in areas where conflict has arisen. This can be a source of stress for Canadians, but international humanitarian law enables the Canadian Red Cross to intervene and try to help families reunite during these trying times.

3. Relatives may be detained
International humanitarian law exists to guarantee that detainees are treated humanely and that their basic needs are being met, making it an important safeguard against abuses.

4. Canada plays an important role in the international community
As part of a broader network of countries that work to preserve humanitarian conditions abroad, Canada is a country that plays an important role worldwide. By continually working to maintain international humanitarian law, organizations like the Canadian Red Cross do their part to protect the world's most vulnerable citizens.

Show your support
The Canadian Red Cross is committed to helping those in need around the world by upholding the tenets of international humanitarian law and it's able to offer aid in the aftermath of emergencies, disasters and other incidents.

With the assistance of Canadians like you, the Canadian Red Cross can continue to provide much-needed programs around the world that benefit individuals affected by adversity.

To show your support, please donate online or at your local Canadian Red Cross office today. Each contribution helps make a difference and improve the conditions of people worldwide.  

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