Celebrate International Volunteer Day with the Canadian Red Cross

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December 04, 2013

Celebrate International Volunteer Day with the Canadian Red Cross

Everyone knows that most charity organizations wouldn't be able to operate without the help of volunteers giving their time each year. On December 5, International Volunteer Day we celebrate volunteers. This worldwide event gives non-profit organizations like the Canadian Red Cross the opportunity to promote the work that they and their volunteers do, providing emergency relief and restoring communities around the country.

The Canadian Red Cross responds to an emergency every four hours. Those response teams are made up of 22,000 volunteers. Volunteers provide assistance where it's needed most. In 2012, Canadian Red Cross volunteers helped more than 45,000 people in Canada.

On International Volunteer Day, the Canadian Red Cross extends its thanks to their volunteers who stand ready 365 days a year to respond to situations in Canada.

The benefits of volunteering are numerous and different for everyone. Some find great personal reward in supporting the Red Cross, others seek out specific opportunities and programs to build skills, network and become more engaged with their communities. Students and retirees represent a sizable portion of the Canadian Red Cross as well, using their ambition or experience to contribute to advertising, advocating and networking. 

If you want to join this team of dedicated individuals, consider volunteering with the Canadian Red Cross today. You'll be joining one of the largest humanitarian organizations in the country, where you'll meet new people, have exciting experiences and change lives. 

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