Bouge pour la Croix-Rouge is back

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June 07, 2013

Building on last year’s success, fundraising event Bouge pour la Croix-Rouge is back. As a result of 2012’s inaugural event in three Quebec cities, Bouge pour la Croix-Rouge helped us raise over $60,000. This year, 10 cities and regions will participate in this ever-growing chain of solidarity.
You don’t have to be athletic to participate. Those who walked, ran, or cycled, last year, will agree: Bouge pour la Croix-Rouge is a festive, community event the whole family can enjoy. Everyone can sign up.
On average, Red Cross volunteers from Quebec respond three times a day to meet the urgent needs of people affected by disaster. What could be better than being active for this dynamic humanitarian organization? For more information, visit:
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