One year after the tornadoes, the Red Cross remains present in Gatineau to support those affected

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GATINEAU | September 13, 2019

One year after the tornadoes, the Red Cross remains present in the area to support those impacted by the disaster. This support includes financial assistance and lodging services for the most vulnerable individuals. The Red Cross’ outreach activities also help to address emerging needs and refer those with specific needs to local organizations.

Overview of the response

  • $5,885,000 raised ($3 million from the Government of Quebec)
  • $4.035 million spent or committed
  • 223 volunteers mobilized for over 7,000 volunteer hours
  • 67 families received relocation assistance to bridge the gap between their former and new rent
  • 5 families unable to find new lodgings currently housed in hotels
  • 1 recovery office still operating in Gatineau   

Financial assistance (see the attached sheet for full details)

Financial assistance, provided at the household level, is available to homeowners and tenants:
  • who have registered with the Red Cross;
  • whose residence is located in a disaster area, according to a list provided by the authorities;
  • whose primary residence has been destroyed or rendered uninhabitable as a result of major damage;
    • OR whose primary residence sustained minor damage;
    • OR who need financial assistance as a result of being unable to return to their home.  
“Nearly a year has already passed since this natural disaster left a trail of destruction in its wake, and more importantly, since it disrupted the lives of hundreds of people. Red Cross volunteers and staff were present from the first few hours that followed the disaster, and for the past year, thanks to the generosity of the public and the collaboration of the local advisory committee, we have been able to support the most vulnerable people through this ordeal. The Red Cross also wants to help Outaouais residents become better prepared for future disasters."
Pascal Mathieu, Vice President, Canadian Red Cross – Quebec

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The Red Cross is active before, during and after disasters to meet the needs of those affected. In Quebec, as it does everywhere else, the Red Cross develops prevention programs, helps communities prepare and provides human and material support to those who have lost everything as a result of a disaster. The Red Cross supports local authorities and the Government of Quebec as required. It is the primary partner in providing services to those affected by disasters.
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