Canadian Red Cross Sends Emergency Field Hospital to Mozambique

Ottawa | March 26, 2019

The Canadian Red Cross is sending its emergency field hospital to Mozambique to bring urgent health care to communities that have been devastated by Tropical Cyclone Idai. The hospital will be staffed by 25 Canadian aid workers, including doctors, nurses and technicians.

Hundreds of thousands of people in Mozambique are in need of medical care as basic health services have been severely disrupted. Many local health facilities have suffered extensive damage and are disconnected from power, relying on Red Cross generators to continue functioning. With stagnant flood water covering an area of 3000 square kilometres, the risk of an outbreak of waterborne diseases, including cholera and malaria, is incredibly high, and will continue to rise as flooding continues.

Within 24 hours of arrival, Red Cross personnel will be able to provide important health services for urgent needs. Once fully assembled, the hospital will have an operating theatre, a maternity ward and consultation rooms and will be able to provide many essential services within, including:

  • First aid, including wound and fracture care;
  • Surgery for trauma and other major medical conditions;
  • Advanced life support;
  • Overnight care for up to 50 patients;
  • Consultations for up to 200 patients per day;
  • Mother and child health services;
  • Psychosocial support.

25 Canadian aid workers will accompany the field hospital, set it up and run its operations. The team brings a variety of skills and experience in the areas of medical care, logistics co-ordination, and emergency response team leadership.

“Cyclone Idai has caused the biggest humanitarian crisis in Mozambique’s recent history, even when the full extent of the damage is not yet known,” said Chiran Livera, Operations Manager at the Canadian Red Cross. “Unfortunately, we know that some of the biggest health challenges are still to be overcome. The Canadian Red Cross, with the support of our partners, will be providing vital medical support to alleviate the tremendous strain that has been placed on local services, including nurses and doctors who have been working non-stop to provide urgent care.”

Canadians can support the Red Cross’ response to the cyclone by making a donation to the Canadian Red Cross Cyclone Idai Appeal, by calling 1-800-418-1111, or by contacting their local Canadian Red Cross office.



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