Corporate Volunteerism

Turn Your Compassion into Action. Become a Corporate Volunteer.


Canadian Red Cross volunteers prepare to help at a disaster site.

Canadian Red Cross volunteers prepare to help at a disaster site.

Why Volunteer?

Becoming a Canadian Red Cross corporate volunteer provides more than the experience of joining the largest humanitarian organization in the world. Corporate volunteering can help boost your company morale, develop leadership skills in your staff, and allow them to become more effective and confident in high-pressure situations. Our volunteers learn to deal with a variety of types of people in different situations, and become more resourceful, effective and confident, while building listening and communication skills. As well, your employees will feel they are making a real contribution to their communities as they help their clients, co-workers, and neighbours during small and larger-scale disasters.

Volunteer Opportunities

Ready When the Time Comes works with our corporate partners to build a reserve force of trained disaster management volunteers. These volunteers are ready to respond if and when a large-scale disaster hits in their communities.

We have many programs that offer services directly to your friends and neighbours. To volunteer with any of our programs in your area contact your local Corporate Donations representative.