TeamRed members are humanitarians in Ontario dedicated to supporting the mission of the Canadian Red Cross: helping the most vulnerable in Canada and around the world. TeamRed members are there when disaster strikes – to rally their communities with a call to action, raising funds and awareness about disaster responses here and around the world.

Members get an inside look at what the Canadian Red Cross is doing at home and around the world. Whether it is ensuring residents of an apartment block have a place to sleep after a fire in Toronto, setting up a shelter for evacuees after a flood in Thunder Bay, or providing aid to those affected by a drought in East Africa.

Members have the opportunity to participate in fundraising in their community and the chance to work with TeamRed teammates. There will be exclusive opportunities to learn more about what we do, how we do it, and why we need your support. You will get the chance to make a difference.

You can connect with TeamRed on twitter at @TeamRedOn or by emailing
Becoming a Member

Interested in getting involved? From workplace campaigns and races to community associations and friends holding big events, we rely on community based fundraising initiatives to continue to offer our programs. Support from people like you is what  brings the mission of the Red Cross to life.
You will be supporting the largest humanitarian network in the world- the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement- which has over 150 years of experience helping to improve the lives of those affected by disease, war, and disaster.

First Aid and CPR courses in your area

Interested in taking a Red Cross First Aid or CPR course? Find a course in your community or online.

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