Volunteer Profile: Louise Hodder

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Michelle Palansky and Jason Small | March 23, 2018


This week’s feature volunteer is Louise Hodder, who has been with the Canadian Red Cross for almost four years.

A responder and supervisor for the Personal Disaster Assistance (PDA) team in Thompson, Manitoba, Louise’s team helps families in the crucial 72 hours after experiencing a serious small-scale disaster, such as a house fire. The PDA team provides basic necessities like shelter, food and clothing.

Along with her work for PDA, Louise is also trained as an Emergency Response Team (ERT) site manager, which is a role that comes with a level of responsibility. Her ability to manage and thrive in this demanding volunteer role is a great source of pride for Louise.

In the fall of 2017, 7,000 people from the Island Lake area were forced to flee because of fire and smoke conditions. As part of this major response, Louise took on the role of site manager of shelters for evacuees at the RBC Convention Centre and a soccer complex on Leila Avenue.

“It's a great feeling knowing your contributions can help reduce the level of stress the beneficiaries face during a time of crisis,” said Louise.

The Red Cross needs more local heroes like Louise who are ready to volunteer their time to help people impacted by disasters. If you are interested in being a part of the team, go to www.redcross.ca/HeroesWantedMB, email vrs@redcross.ca or call 204-982-7330 for more details.
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