Supporting communities facing social emergencies

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August 20, 2019

“Red Cross has assisted with the community safety plan the past couple years. I am very impressed with the cooperation and quality they have demonstrated.”
-Councillor Raymond Flett

 Over the past year, Canadian Red Cross has provided a variety of training opportunities and supports to St. Theresa Point First Nation.

A total of 90 education professionals, including all teachers and educational assistants, received training in bullying prevention and child abuse prevention.

In the aftermath of several social emergencies*, Red Cross staff provided training and resources for creating trauma-informed classrooms to assist school staff in responding to the needs of students affected by deaths in the community.

A comprehensive Action Plan is being developed with the joint collaboration of the community, Public Safety Canada, and the Canadian Red Cross. The plan will help guide funding applications and goal setting.

Three members of the community were trained in Psychological First Aid thanks to Red Cross sourced funding. These members are being mentored to train and disseminate their knowledge within the greater community.

St. Theresa Point First Nation has been offered the opportunity to participate in the Red Cross Indigenous Swimming and Water Safety Program for the summer of 2019.
* A social emergency is an event or situation, excluding natural disasters that require community evacuations, which exceeds the resources and capacities of a community and requires the immediate response and support of external agencies and service providers. For example, a social emergency could be multiple suicides in the same community or a fire at a school or other community building.

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