Learning How to Give

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Michelle Palansky | April 13, 2021

TY-Card-AEW-(1).jpgArthur E. Wright Community School in Winnipeg reached out to the Canadian Red Cross because they wanted to learn more about the organization and to help in any way that they could.
The Red Cross philanthropy team provided a presentation explaining local, domestic, and international funding options, and responded to thoughtful questions from the Grade 7 and 8 audience.
Having a variety of donation options and speaking out for what students wanted to support was an important part of the process. “The power of voice is something we work hard to help them understand throughout all grade levels, “said Darren Sancartier, a teacher at Arthur E. Wright Community School.
In a school-wide assembly, the Grade 7 and 8 students explained the options and then helped facilitate a vote to decide how to allocate donations. They chose to support COVID-19 interventions and Canadian Emergencies fund.
The school also sent a beautiful card to thank Red Cross for their hard work.
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